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Thank you for your interest in completing this survey which is part of a larger Open University (UK) doctoral research project being undertaken by Leo Havemann, called "Valuing open: open education policy in higher education institutions".

Participants should be working in higher education (including PhD students).


Participant Information and consent

You can download the participant information sheet in pdf format. 

Below you are asked for consent for your participation in the survey element of this research project investigating institutional open education policies.

Participation in this research activity is completely optional, and all the survey data will be anonymised before analysis, even if you choose to give your email address. You can also consent to participate completely anonymously, in which case you do not need to provide your email address. In that case, the researcher will have no way to contact you after the survey closes, or to identify your responses, so please note that you will be unable to withdraw your responses later.

If you do provide your email, the researcher can get in touch with you after the survey to update you on the research, and possibly invite you to take part in a further interview. You will also then have the option to withdraw from the research activity until the survey closes, when responses will be anonymised and aggregated for analysis.

Email addresses provided will be stored separately from survey data and no longer linked to the responses. Results of the study will be disseminated through publications and presentations. The anonymised survey data will be openly licensed and made available via the UK Data Service.

By indicating that you consent, you confirm that you understand the above information, and are willing to participate in the research. Required