Expression of interest to join our study (if you are under 16, please read with your parents/guardians)

We are Thea and Maria, researchers at The Open University in the UK. Through our work we study the experiences of young people aged 5 to 19 when participating in iNaturalist. This will help us design better learning experiences for young people. Could you help us?

We would like your permission to track your visits and participation (e.g., observations, identifications) on iNaturalist ( This information will help us understand how your engagement and participation may change over time and how it relates to the design of the platform.

We may also invite you to take part in an online questionnaire and an online interview (e.g. via Skype). We would like to learn more about your experience with science and technology, your preferable iNaturalist activities and tools, and whether you have learned something during your participation.  

More details about our study can be found here.

If you (and your parent/guardian for under 16 year olds) are interested in taking part, please fill in the following information – young children will need help with this from the parent/guardian:

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Have you taken part in any California Academy of Sciences, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County or London Natural History Museum programs?

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