Page 1: GO-GN Fellowships 2021 Application

The GO-GN fellowship scheme is open to all GO-GN alumni (within three years after finishing the PhD) or members in their last year of PhD (about to finish). This second cohort provides three fellowships for a period of up to six months. 

The benefits of the fellowship include a financial award of £1500. Fellows will be listed on the GO-GN website and their fellowship work promoted and recognised in several ways. Fellowships can be based around a specific piece of relevant research. You may also attend conferences for the promotion of the network using the financial award given. You will receive GO-GN support to organise regional online seminars for the same purpose.  

Activities fellows may undertake include: 

  • Undertake a piece of targeted OER/OEP related research 

  • Overview of OER activity in a region 

  • Strategic events identification 

  • Fostering connections to other networks 

  • Promotion of GO-GN at face to face conferences and online events 

  • New GO-GN members recruitment 

  • Follow and promote GO-GN – DEI recommendations and commitments. 

  • Provide a specific contribution to planned outputs 

Expectations of outputs include: 

  • Regular reports back to the Network. (This report will be a template provided by the team) 

  • Three blog inputs in the GO-GN website 

  • Production of an output review report at the end of the fellowship. (This report will be a template provided by the team).   

At least one of the fellowships is ringfenced for Global South applicants. Deadline for submission is before 17.00 GMT/ 12.00 EST / 09.00 PST on April 25, 2021. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. If shortlisted, you will be contacted for a short interview during April. Fellowships are expected to last from May until October 2021.  

Please contact us if you want to discuss a potential proposal: